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Duwap Kaine - Choppa

Damn, uh, uh, that's that choppa (That’s that brrr)
Goddamn, uh, uh (That's that brrr)
That's that choppa (That’s that)
Uh, uh (That's that brrr)
That's that choppa (That's that choppa)
Uh, damn, uh, uh (That's that brrr!)
That's that choppa
(That's that choppa)

Uh, uh, I'm Obama (Obama)
You broke, listen to yo’ mama, yo’ mama (Listen, listen)
Broke on yo' hoe couch watching Futurama (’Rama)
Drama, drama, know we 'bout drama, that drama
Got me a shooter, he got trauma (Trauma, trauma)
Ok, I got me a Glock in this Louis jacket bomber
Uh, and I got lava
Block hot like, lava
Yeah, I'm sipping on drank, I can't do the vodka
Feel Iike Future, ’finna fuck up them commas
Snoop Dog, 'finna smoke marijuana
Fuck your bitch, yeah, I do what I wanna (On God)
Take your ho, we do what we wanna
Xeon, yeah, uh, Supreme shoes (Shoes)
And them bitches new
You know they clean, ooh
She say "You clean, boy"
I said "I love you"
Around you, I could get comfortable
Hop in my Beamer car, it's comfortable
Riding in this foreign, and you riding fishbowl
I don't care if the car new or old
Yeah, she could get anything she want
I love you with all of my soul
You know I wouldn't tell you that if I didn't mean it though

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