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Duwap Kaine - 25 Dollar Fanta

(Listen to me, this is Cade. Is it actually?)

Buy all the Fanta ​out the store and I'd be high as (Fanta) fuck
She said what the fuck you do that for? I spent $25 on the Fanta
Free everybody that's locked up, gotta' get back together
Acne Jeans but these bitches leather
Can't fuck with a pig ass nigga like Peppa
Rick shoes on, I'm a stepper
I'm too high, on a different scale and level
Let's get high, that's on my schedule
You said you could out smoke me, how dare you
Shoot this Glock nigga, that'll scare you
And I'm shooting the Glock .9, no [?]
Don't fuck with no cop cars
Talkin to 12 so I shot ya'
And I punch his ass, leave his ass hotdogged
And I'm smoking on strong that Popeye
You a bitch, pick on somebody that's your size
Hop in that Ghost and you know we don't ghost ride
I'm not rocking Gosha, man that was the old times
Hop out the whip, skrrt, oh my
I don’t rob shit, you know I got mob ties
No I don't bang, I just got Glock .9's
I'm in India eating a Vata, turn a fuck nigga to a Vata
We got that chopper, make you do the cha-cha
I'm sipping lean, I'm a doctor
[?] like baby, but no Sada
I really wanna' fuck on your daughter
Not my fault nigga, you should've taught her
You don't wanna' hear this, she got that water
I'm feeling like Boat, don't even bother
Nowadays nigga I'm getting money but back then I would've robbed you
I'm a young nigga, all about the dollar
You give me a chance, I'll trap out the Impala
Stick under the bed just like a monster
This chopper on me shoot down the whole column
Stick on me and this bitch starting problems
They saw my lean they said I'm a problem
They said “hey what’s that's that purple in your bottle?”
I'm having racks and I'm having [?]
Damn, look at my clothes, know I'm fresh as hell
Bitch I know that I'm cold
Look at me, it look like I was dressed by Bloody O
These bitches wanna' play no mistletoe
I'm in my hood with my Ricky O's
Gotta' step in my hood with my Ricky's on
But I ain't going out like Ricky though
Finesse his ass like Faneto
Finesse his ass like, I need those
I need Chinese, I need some Chinese hoes
Guns behind me, guns like T.I. don't think tiny
Fucking your hoe masked up, I like crime
Hit this bitch, she keep asking what my sign is
Lil dumb bitch, well you better go find it
Bad bitch and you know that she fine
Sipping drink and I'm tryna' slow down
Glocks out, we slinging that iron
Who said we ain't slinging that iron?
The fans really love when I reply
Double cup got me high in the sky
Counting Jacksons, I ain't talking about Skai
[?] money, nigga I got five on it
Niggas fake, man they don't wanna' ride
Niggas fake, see the whip then they hop on itYou might also like

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