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Dua Lipa - Cool

[Verse 1]
Guess I never had a love like this (Ah-ha)
Hit me harder than I ever expected (Ooh)
We been up all goddamn night, all night, all night (Ah-ha)
Keep it going till we see the sunlight

And the colour of the sky looking nice-o-nice
You know, you know, you know
Baby, I could see us in the real life
You know, you know you got

Got me losin' all my cool
'Cause I'm burnin' up on you
In control of what I do
And I love the way you move
We'll get the heat and the thrill
Gives you more than any pill
Never runnin' out of juice
When it's only me and you
You got me, you got me losin' all my cool
I guess we're ready for the summer

[Verse 2]
I like us better when we're intertwined (Ah-ha)
The way you touch me got me losin' my senses (Hey)
Put your love with your lips on mine, on mine, on mine (Ah-ha)
You got me working up an appetite-tite

"Cool" is the third track on Dua Lipa's sophomore album Future Nostalgia. A synthpop song inspired by Prince, it was written by Lipa, KAMILLE, Tove Lo, Shakka and TMS, while production was handled by the latter and Stuart Price. My A&R played me this song two years ago, and I instantly hated it. I was like, “Please never play me this again.” But a year down the line, when I was writing, he sat me down and was like, “I have something to play you.” And he just played the instrumental and I was like, “This is actually really good with no lyrics.” I went into the studio with Tove Lo and just had fun exploring. It has some Prince influences, and it was a range of my voice I hadn’t tried. This whole album was about exploring growth and trying out new things, so I wanted to embrace challenges. We wrote something that felt really real to me, and it’s just a romantic, summery song, about meeting someone who has you losing all your cool. - Dua Lipa. The demo before Tove & Dua Remade it was called "Flamingos in the Pool" Which was demoed by Kamille.

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