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Dropout Kings - Virus

Suffering in silence
(In a cage with my inhibition and anger)
All these sacrifices
(No rest for the wicked living in danger)

Suffering in silence
Leave me with my vices
All the sacrifices
Eat me like a virus

I been infected by the virus
One that thrives from inside us
Kids at home shouldn’t try this
Self-done surgery
Medical table burgundy
3rd degree burns, spirit rising like heated mercury
These words cut deep
But they gotta to check your soul caliber
Face the champion, challenger
Everyday on the calendar swinging ‘gainst Excalibur
Runnin’ from fate makes a tested cardiovascular
Systemic epidemic like blemishes on your temper
Pistol right to your temple
It could all be so simple
Giving into depression and psychological weapons
But mental shots on a giant just make ‘em extra defiant
Earn the eye of the tiger, heart of lion
When standing up to the violent rampages of raging tyrants
That rave in your veins
In hopes to corrupt your heart and your brain
Only through true love we sustain

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