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Drippin So Pretty - Loaded


[Verse 1: Drippin So Pretty]
You don't really know me, don't care what you told me
Made my momma cry, was the last time that I OD'd
Pistol on my side, but I keep it on the lowkey
They just living lies 'cause there's something that I don't see
And I don't show emotion, baby, I was loaded
Know you stole my heart, the least you could do is own it
Wish I could restart, but I know that I am broken
Aimin' for the stars, but maybe I wasn't chosen, oh
Know I wasn't chosen
Drive it like it's stolen
I'm dying and she knows it
Don't know where I'm going
Left me in the open, woah-oh, oh-oh, oh
Please protect me from my mind
It tells me lies I don't know why
I stay awake like every night
Don't care if I live or die, oh-oh
Woah-oh, woah-oh, oh-oh
Woah-oh, oh-oh, oh
[Verse 2: Brennan Savage]
Spotlights flash every time I hit the stage
Yeah, I'm young, going dumb, I can't even act my age now
I'ma say it once so you better listen great
We don't live the same life, we ain't on the same page now
It's about time that I get my respect
I put it all on the line and put a chain on my neck
I've done a lot of bad things, every day I regret
But I'ma have to live with that till I'm dead
And now I'm wasting time, staying up till the sunrise
Days go by, I don't even know the time
Why you waste your breath telling me all these lies
Even though you see the pain in my eyes?
I bet you hate your life the way that you be living it
Bet you hate me too, I know it's real what you say
Bet I could make you smile if we talked for a while
Then you'll hate me more 'cause I ain't worth your whileYou might also like

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