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Dreamville - Down Bad (feat. JID, Bas, J. Cole, EARTHGANG And Young Nudy)

[Intro: Young Nudy]
Tell 'em, slime

[Verse 1: Young Nudy]
Yeah, I am the king of the E.A.​
Get this bitch screwed like the DJ (Big slime)
Yeah, I am the shit where we play
We got them choppers where we play (Okay)
Yeah, come through the city
We gon’ chop your ass up just like some sushi (Yeah)
AK-47, stick go stupid (Yeah)
Drop the money off on the way...

[Verse 2: JID]
Okay, lil' dirty, nappy-headed East Atlanta nigga
Father said that I was a force
.44, Hank Aaron chrome
Wanna make it home? Then get out the Porsche
Let a nigga cover FADER 'fore I have to fade a nigga at the FADER Fort
It’s tomato or tomato, either way, the boy the greatest
Play it, I won't say it no more
I was just fucked up, I was just down, down bad
I had to tighten the fuck up, but I'm here for the crown
Board of Education vs. Brown
I was bored of education, left the town
Fuck a résumé and fuck a cap and gown
Fuck a background check back 'round when I get the check
Nigga, that's now

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