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Drayton Farley - American Dream

I'ma just keep watching
I think my heart's stopping
Nicotine fiend of a man
I was born this way
I'm a government slave
And I was raised on stolen land

And it's a hard up kinda life
Begging the ashtray for nickels and dimes
Writing these songs trying to wrap my mind around
A bullshit American dream
I'm still a six-gun owning
Bet the truth hurts, don't it
Won't you catch me if you can
I hope all is well
It'll be a cold day in hell
When you pry it from my dying hands

'Cause it's a hard up kinda life
When paying your dues don't get you by
You're working all week to make some overtime
To pay from this bullshit American dream

I've heard once to be dreaming
Means you've got to be asleep
And I've grown tired of counting these sheep
I had a dream I was drugged
And when I finally woke up
I went and blew up my TV

'Cause it's a hard up life
When you're not allowed to get a natural high
Here's a pill to you sleep, just give it some time
Now you're addicted to this bullshit American dreamYou might also like

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