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Downpresser - Twist of Fate

Stuck your foot in the door, should've slammed it in your face
Twist of fate, you brought me disgrace you fucking snake
Crossed the line, no remorse for spoiling what was mine
Now I pay the price, punished for your crimes
Its true it's been a year or two
But I'm still struggling to see your point of view
Lessons learned, bridges burned, can't find my way home
Heavy heart, heavy thoughts as I roam alone
Did I deserve all I got? Did I bring it down on my head?
Don't want to know the truth, won't find out until I'm dead
I played my part, and I'll never forget
I pushed you away, into the arms of regret
But you made the call without a second thought
Now I hope you're happy, with what you got
I hope you're happy with what you got
I just hope you're happy while you're waiting to fucking rot
Waiting to rot along with your name
Carved into flesh, lost in the flames
This is my cross to bend and break

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