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Donovan Wolfington - Basalisk

Stop, watch, on the news
You better call the cops
Better not tell your mom
She wouldn’t give a fuck

And it doesn’t take that much time
Just to realize you’re alright
But don’t say that

Everyone’s all the same here
Well, can’t you tell?
You’re in your own personal hell
And no one's ever gonna save themselves

'Cause no ones really knows what they’re talking about
They just like the sound of their voice out loud
This is America, that’s the way it is
I’m used to it by now
And I want to be born again
Into the mind of an ignorant Christian
Because my ignorance is bliss
I’m still so sick and so very tired of this shit

Lost cause
No Hope
Everything you believe in is a joke
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Everything's not fine
And the problem is still fucking mine

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