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Domo Genesis - Mission Statement

Started off dreaming, ended up balling
I got my ass up when I heard that money calling
I had to switch the line on them niggas that were stalling
Now I'm back to put that whack shit up in a coffin
California marijuana got a nigga coughing
Ashtray full of regrets and no problems, and still they can't solve them
Confidence: they can't take it off him. I'm awesome
Opposition slept and I lost them. It cost them everything
All this shit's ahead of me
Most of you will fold but I just approach readily
Shooting for the stars gotta hold the Glock steady
Not a chance I will miss like I lay up in you 7-3
Ain't no turning back, my pride will be the death of me
I do so many wrong everybody's second guessing me
See I gotta win, but that shit just doesn't pressure me
I'm all about the challenge, take a chance bitch step to me
Kill them all, Kill them all, that's the only mission
They told me I would fail, I was too broke to pay attention
Proceeded on my way; to have it all was my intention
Now look how far I came for someone who didn't listen
Single parent home but my situation different
I've got to help my mother, cause my brothers
So when I say I need it every word is authentic
Get the fuck up out my way if you ain't got the ambition, bitch
Killing shit, and ain't to much as real as this

I'mma move in silence, while you niggas on that silly shit
Perfect blueprints, you are witnessing me building it
But you never keep your mouth shut; nigga zip it like you thrilla' fit
You can try to mimic but you'll never get as sick as this
Far too disciplined to get caught up in that gimmick shit
Ain't this shit ridiculous? I'm reaping all the benefits
Of Odd Future records fuck your contract imprisonment
Fuck the industry, I'm in the street that I'm living in
Making shit work, Tyler waiting finna get it in
I put my hope in all the real niggas feeling this
Belong at the top but just give me a little bit
Got the floor plan to have me sitting on the ceiling bitch
And I'm forever loyal to the people that I get it with
As long as I'm alive I'mma ride getting high
I hope to God when I die my soul rise to the sky
Real talk, and real niggas feel it
G's fly high haters sink like dishes
In a cold world it's survival of the fittest
If you're feeling how I feel then I'mma see you at the finish
When I say it's mine it's just a promise I'mma get it
For if it don't last at least I can say I did it
I had it for a minute, I split it with my niggas
I focus on my mission, wish you all could see my vision.

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