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Domo Genesis - Last Roll

[Intro: Bob Marley]

[Domo Genesis]
Yeah, even tho I can't see from the position which I'm standin
We gon' make it to the top and we gon' fuckin crash land it
See it in my dreams, I just finally understand it
I am living this shit out exactly how my visions planned it
No time for that dormant shit, nah I'm high flying
We gon' get on this shit or we gon' die trying
But I got a lotta livin left, so I'm high grindin
My shades on through the night cause I can see my light shinin
What up tho, especially to the ones that really hate it
Shout out to the bitches coming 'round once we make it
I'm glad I could be around to see you up at your fakest
Assures me on what side of this shit I need to keep my placement
I'll never let you niggas get my soul
My heart is just another story, it's never been told
This ain't no Drake shit, and that crying's getting old
I realized my faith, my desicions are getting bold
And love is time consuming, so these bitches get me cold
I apologize for the wait, now let them papers roll
Or maybe that's just me, submersed behind the smoke
Promised momma I'll do it, so fuck it, here it go
Make all these blogs and critics feel the young nigga flow
The floor plan, left on the ground, is where I drew it
I guess these the same grounds, where I had to prove it
The strit I stress so much about, told you I'd do itYou might also like

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