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Dirty Wormz - God of Waar

I am a soldier
I stand ready to deploy, engage and destroy my enemies
I am The God of War

I am the God of War! (5X)

[Verse 1: Smackola]
Yeah, in my mind I'm a killer on the front line
Hard line, primed for war time
In my bloodline, death by design
On the frontline still spitting hot iron
And my battle cry's keep me energized
This is suicide mentally I'm victimized
Too many times, too many lies
Who will survive, who'll be denied
And there ain't no sympathy for what they did to me
Squeeze and my clips run empty
Raw infamy, build intensity
Still kill 'em all to my murderous symphony
Forever a nightmare, caught in the crosshairs
Cold dark stares from the land of lost rare's
Born destroyer, collector of souls I'll bring fire
From the sky to rain down like thunderbolts

[Hook: Krizz Kaliko]
I am a warrior, I have no fear
No one will conquer me, I will not die here
I will forever be where the killers run free
Held unaccountable to the heavens just call me
I am the chosen one, keep till the rising sun
I sacrifice it all for my asservation
When my work is done, there will be no more
Who will destroy me, I am the God of War!
I am the God of War! I am the God of...

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