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Deuce - Till I Drop

Those fools are never gonna rap again
Yeah, we go push all you mother fuckers back
It aint over till it's over man
Revenge is like a mother fucker, aint it?


[Deuce]: Chorus:
Love me or hate me but I ain't stoppin' 'till I'm on top.
I'm screamin' 'fuck the world' like Tupac.
Say my name and you might get shot.
'It's Ninelives mutha' fucka' 'till I drop.
When the guns go off they pop.
We leave your body outlined in chalk.
If you talk you better learn to walk the walk,
'Cause it's Ninelives mutha' fucka' till I drop.

[Veze Skante]:
They call me scante bigante
Ok I'm reloadin'
Sticks let the drum spray
Damn that flake got me loaded
Catch a standin' ovay
Clap until your up and open
Daddy bring the heat out
Someone leave the oven open?
Bitch who you kiddin'
We be hotter than a sun blaze
So fuckin fly I don't even need a run way
Blunts full of kush
I be steamin till my lungs cave
Gotta, gotta get paid
Now fuck someday
Blocks of the chalk
And a spoon full of H (aye)
Stay with more choppers
Than the mutha fuckin has
True call up deuce like dude what it do
Look pops for the loot
Aint no tellin what I'll do
I c*** aim and shoot
Hu I see you
No icu in the world that save you
I be all about the paper
Baggin up the yaper
On my barbershop shit
Give da brick a taper

[Deuce]: Chorus

You can love me or hate me, I don't give a fuck.
What you tryin' a date me? Either way either you on my nuts, but
Whateva' you thinkin' won't stop this supa' star,
This world is mine to rape, fuck it like stupid groupie broads.
Use a magnum extra-large but I'd ooh rather do it raw,
These pussy rappin' faggots sissy bastards really turn me on...
And I'm gonna stick it to 'em, man my dick is gettin' hard,
Fuck 'em all and I'm a prove it while I do it like it's my job.
If it is I stick my dick up in this biz to get it off,
While I'm ticklin' the clitoris by stickin' it in soft,
Just to trick 'em like I'm fickle and it's possible I'm fluff,
But my dick is quick to switch the brick and give it to 'em rough.
I'm a sick and twisted son of a bitch, no disrespect to mom,
But she gave birth to a kid way worse than Dahmer, bin Laden, or Saddam.
Persistent I'm a sadistic killer ready to uni-bomb.
Gadget, if faggots want static tell they asses to bring it on.

[Deuce]: Chorus

I spew hate in every direction I spit,
I'm tearin' it down, everything you built.
I already found my niche, snitches
Ain't never gonna stop me, this is it.
I can hear my voice bitch,
Everyone knows I'm on fire, shit,
It's the reason why these white kids buy this.
There's no more Undead, it's Ninelives,
This punk-ass better go home or retire, with his mama
'Cause it's already to late to stop what I did.
It hurts when I rip this mic' up, slap you upside
And call you 'my bitch' if you can't play the game fucker
Better stand outside it.
You ain't never gonna have no fame again,
Both you and your boyfriend in bed.
Look at these faggots, how I beat them with
Just the touch of a pen.
I could' a smacked you hard but I tapped you bitch
And wrote this song instead, like I said in story of a snitch,
We are not best friends.
I almost flew over the cuckoo's nest, I had to get shit off my chest,
You tried to push my ass off the edge, but I got Ninelives homey,
I ain't dead.

[Deuce]: Chorus

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