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Deuce - Here I Come

Yeah, y'all ready for this?
Turn that shit up, let's go

[Verse 1]
I hate what I became, so goddamn insane
A man without a brain that's trying to run away
By jumping off a plane, that's why I can't restrain
Myself from killing every motherfucker in this place
It's just a little late, wish I was Lil Wayne
Shit, I'mma keep on killing motherfuckers in my way
You better be afraid 'cause I'm about to break
Prepare for war, yeah, this is Judgment Day

Nothing's getting in my way
Don't really care what you say
I ain't really ever gonna change
Told you that I'm here to stay
Nothing's getting in my way
Told you I ain't really ever gonna change

Here I come to have fun, better fucking run
Told you that I am never fucking done
Fear no one, here I come, better grab a gun
Until I die, I'm never fucking done

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