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Deuce - Freaky Now

[Intro: Deuce & The Truth]
Truth, Deuce, Jeffree Star
She wants to lick my body, and I want to lick her body
So let's all have a party, lick each other, let's get naughty
She thinks that I'm a hottie, and I know she likes it doggy
Ooh, ahh, ladee dadee, ooh, ahh, touch my body

[Chorus: Deuce]
Girl, let's get freaky now, lick you all up and down
I got them lips, I'll make you drip till you twist all around
I wanna feel them legs 'cause it ain't time for sex
You've got them hips, you've got them lips, I wanna feel the rest

[Verse 1: Jeffree Star]
I like boys and girls and rock stars
Even virgins wanna come into my snack bar
Don't hate me 'cause I fucked your favorite band
Beer bottle up my pussy, let's do a keg stand
And let me show you how to sit on that dick
America's Next Top Model, click, click
I'm the ring-leader, girls follow my trends
Got Hannah Montana doing anal with my friends
Pull my hair, scratch my back, beat me like Rihanna
I love ass-to-mouth and black cock like Obama
We showed you how to Turn Off the Lights
So give me some fucking Twilight neck bites
Deuce is gonna get your coochie real loose
So I'mma line up your men and play Duck, Duck, Goose

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