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Denzel Curry - RICKY

Oh, damn

First they mockin', now they hoppin'
All on the wave, 'cause they see me poppin'
Big-big-big large pockets, they start flockin'
Here's what I say when they ass keep knockin'

My daddy said, "Trust no man but your brothers
And never leave your day ones in the gutter"
My daddy said, "Treat young girls like your mother"
My mama said, "Trust no ho, use a rubber"

[Verse 1]
I'ma act, one, two, stop the track
Bring it back, what it do?
See, Ricky said, "Never let nobody get the one up on you
If they run up on you, hit 'em with a one, two or a bitch slap
Leave the cul-de-sac, your brothers gon' have your back regardless
And stick with your day one homies that was here before you started
And fear no man but the man above your head"
"Pray before you go to bed," every day my mama said

'RICKY' is Denzel Curry’s first single since the release of "TA13OO" back in July 2018, as well as the first single off of his fourth studio album "ZUU". The song pays tribute to and is named after Ricky, Denzel’s father—who is depicted on the cover art. The single was released on 8 May 2019 together with a music video released at the same time as the song. The energetic song takes the listener back to Curry’s childhood as he recalls the prescriptions of the people that influenced him, including his parents and his deceased brother Treon Johnson. The rapper reflects on the environment that influenced his early life in Carol City and on the necessity to fight back in life to achieve great things. The song was released alongside an accompanying music video, which is inspired by the life of Denzel’s late brother Treon Johnson, who was known in Carol City to be a backyard fighter. Denzel Curry stopped by Genius for a Verified episode and a live performance of “RICKY”.

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