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Defeater - The City By Dawn

Rain fell hard
Chalk it up to a failure
Push through the cold weather
Racing heart, slow the beat
Push through the defeat
No one knows
Just push through the deadbeats, junkies, liars and cutthroats
The same walk, the same pier
No one's going to remember him here

"Just walk until you reach those long steel tracks"
That old familiar sting, the memories of rivalry
Years passed and it's still here
The same dirt, same rails, same fear
And all the years of giving in rushed through his head again
With no loss to match his gain
He rolled on to hop that train

Rain fell hard
Chalk the miles from his failure
Trees sway with the weather
Racing heart, skips a beat
Every crossed town line is relief
With no money and no name
State lines, borders rivers are all the same
The city by dawn, a stranger with no history comes

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