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Declan Mckenna - Rapture

Jet black, jet black, jet black, jet black (Woo)
Jet black, jet black, jet black, jet black
Jet black, jet black, jet black, jet black
Jet black, jet black, jet black, jet black

[Verse 1]
At first, you will find
A prophecy of what could have been, you know (You know)
You know, there's all sorts of crap on the TV these days
Now you won't live after such disaster
You're a lot full of smashed-up cars
Cross-hatched in the metal when you're cracking up
But you're part of the pack, pup
You're part of something bigger than the laws of nature
Mrs. Thatcher
Your cruel heart navigates the world we live in
With its anger
Going nowhere, coming at ya

Rapture in my head
I keep looking up like I'm already dead
Rapture, oh my Lord
I've been playing catch-up
I'm already bored

"Rapture" is the eighth track from Declan McKenna's second studio album "Zeros". In an interview with Apple Music, he revealed the following about the song: "This was one I sat down and wrote very quickly. It leads in from that end-of-days thing, and it’s a bit more direct than ‘Twice Your Size.’ It’s a similar vein, but a bit more scary, but also more danceable. It’s talking about fear of the future, because it’s this torment and being told that stuff isn’t real by some and that’s it’s an ever-present threat by others, and it’s like the rapture’s in your head. It’s both this dread for the future but also this personal torment and personal struggle. It all ties in, all the stresses of going through all of this stuff and worrying so much about it."