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Declan Mckenna - Make Me Your Queen

[Verse 1]
I know that I mean nothing to you, babe
I've tried my best to keep these thoughts away
Oh, I try to speak but there's nothing left to say
'Cause I mean nothing to you, babe

[Verse 2]
I know that I mean nothing to you, dear
If ever I stop by you're never here
And I don't mean shit, I know you've made that clear
'Cause I mean nothing to you, dear

So make me your queen
So make me your queen

[Verse 3]
I know that I mean nothing to you babe
I'm in your grip from which I can't escape
And I can't help but think that I might
Maybe not mean nothing to you, babe
Oh, babe

So make me your queen
So make me your queen

“Make Me Your Queen” is the fifth track from Declan’s debut LP "What Do You Think About the Car?" about a relationship between two people that could become abusive. Talking to DIY Magazine Declan had this to say about the song: (in the relationship there is) “the assumption that one person is a king and they’re possessing someone else because the queen is the second most important person.” (It has the subtext of) being patronised, with connotations surrounding the patriarchal society that we have.” (“Make Me Your Queen”) was actually the second last one I made for the record. Both came around the same time and I recorded them in the same session so they have a bit of continuity sonically and songwriting-wise. The influence is somewhere between George Harrison and ABBA. With “Make Me Your Queen” I kind of wanted to make a post-truth-era love anthem, an anti-love song to the political elite or something pretentious like that. I didn’t really know what it was going to be, but it was parts of other different songs and then I turned these country love song lyrics into something a bit sarcastic and a bit satirical, trying to not take myself too seriously with it but it still touches on something a little bit serious and prominent. It was an interesting writing process. That one I wrote pretty much in an hour or two, once I’d got all the ideas together.” - Declan McKenna