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Declan Mckenna - I AM EVERYONE ELSE

[Verse 1]
Children on the street
The cowardly and scared
And powerfully prepared
For things I dare not speak of in all of my lifetime
For I am ready

[Verse 2]
Mother nature calls
And beckons them to come
The innocent and done
To witness persecution for my privilege
For I am ready
To turn the many into some
Before you run out of rhyming words for scum

Why'd you act sick and pretend?
Pretend that you've never known it
Aren't you just sick of spending
All your time getting noticed
You showed me the message you sent
And act like you never wrote it
Well, aren't you just sick of your friends?
Your friends with ulterior motives
'Cause I am everyone else
I am everyone else
I am everyone else
I am everyone else, I

“I am Everyone Else” was originally about someone Declan and a friend had become annoyed at but turned into a song he didn’t really like, as “it was just mean and didn’t come across how I wanted it to.” Because he liked the melodies in the song he decided to change direction turning the song into a wider commentary than just based off the personal experience. Talking to DIY Magazine Declan had this to say about the song: “It became to be about politicians in general pretending to represent the masses without actually doing it. Pretending that they had the same experiences as normal, everyday people when they’re very far from it.” "(“I Am Everyone Else” is) kind of a weird one because the writing was really staggered so that song for me was about kind of a bunch of different things at once, but it all revolves around that theme that you can say whatever, you can do whatever, but no one understands everyone. And you can’t pretend to do that. I think that is sort of vaguely what that song revolves around, even with the lots of different things that happened at that time in my life." - Declan McKenna