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Deante' Hitchcock - Flashbacks (feat. Miguel and St. Beauty)

[Intro: Deante’ Hitchcock]
Bad bitch, wild shit
Just wake up and boom bap
Just fucked up
Yeah-yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah
Ayy, ooh, yeah

[Verse 1: Deante’ Hitchcock]
Flashbacks to that laundromat with my momma
I was young and wildin' out, unaware of the coming karma
They say the first child should pay for the sins of the father
So I bought 'em out tomorrow and said "fuck it"
Look, uh
Tell Nick I'm sorry, I had to do what I couldn't take
If I don't kill 'em, I'm sorry shawty, we ain't gon' make it
Girl I done seen my lowest lows, I mean low as the basement
Tryna reflect without usin' a mirror 'cause I'm too scared to face it
What am I chasin' and will it fulfill me once I catch it?
I need some straightforward answers 'cause I been livin' backwards
Can't feel the pastor when he talk about upcomin' rapture
Preachin' money's the root of all evil but ask for money after
So comin' up we ain't have it to give but we still gave it
The church was makin' a killin' of our lil' savings
But you can't put a price on faith, that's how my momma phrased it
But mom if this house of the Lord, then how can we not appraise it?
I was young and confused, with nothin' to lose
Better to be human than God, word to Langston Hughes
Ironic when your brain start to spark, they try and defuse
But my nigga the only choice that we have in life is to choose, so I'm choosin'
I got a homegirl convinced that everything we see is tricks and this life is just an illusion
Some days I entertain it, I know that thinkin' is dangerous
Just be feelin' like it's so much more, it's hard to explain it
But I do believe in God and it's odd but I know that even when I'm strayin' far away from my path
There's a reason there you have it
Word to my boy from TDE, that I met in them sessions
This is the Revenge of the Dreamer
I seen a rose grow from out of that concrete, yeah right there, up my block
Right on the corner where DeVonte got shot
And then it hit me
One day eventually things'll change and maybe somethin' beautiful can rise and thrive from all that pain, so RIP
[Verse 2: Miguel, St. Beauty & Both]
I'm sure as a sigil
That I believe
It's hard to believe in anything
With all that I've been through
All that I've seen
Can't just believe in anything
Much to my surprise
I'm old enough to know
I can't do anything on my own
So, I believe in God
I've cried enough to know
I'm trying every day to hold on (Hold on)

[Bridge: Miguel]
No one
Ever gonna do it for you (Quite like)
Quite like you
(Quite like) Quite like you
No one
Ever gonna do it for you (Quite like)
Quite like you
(Quite like) Quite like you
That's why it's hard to put my faith in anyone else
So I don't put my faith in nobody else
Though I know that we all need some help
Me too
Is any of that true, yeah
Ayy, uh, ayy

[Outro: Deante' Hitchcock]
I know I ain't been all that you expect from me (Ayy)
Still talkin' to God
I been so lost, so low, I need you desperately
Still talkin' to God
I swear, I heard them say the truth will set you free
Still talkin' to God
If there's one thing I learned, I can't be nothin' else but me
Still talkin' to God

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