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Dead Swans - Thinking Of You

It's starting to pull me under, I can feel it beneath my feet
The last few months have passed so slowly
And it's been so long since I've seen your smile
I'm afraid to ask what's wrong so I sit and stare
Frustrated digging my nails into my palms

I never wanted you to see me like that
Bloodshot eyes, bleeding fists, speechless love, a new year's wish
I never wanted you to see me reenact those days I threw away

Stuttered screams from a distant voice:
I followed you all the way to your front door
No words could take the pain from your eyes
Like a knife through the heart
I'll be sleeping alone tonight;
And when I wake you won't see me again
You won't have to worry about me anymore
I'm sorry for all the times I fucked up
I'm sorry for every time I let you down
You always said it was hard to talk and I guess it always was
But it still feels the same, I still feel the same
The only difference is you're not there

I brought this on myself: you're not there
When I need you the most, you're not there
And I can't stop thinking of you

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