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Dayglow - Hot Rod

[Intro - Spoken]
Sloan, let's sing a song, what should we sing?

[Verse 1]
My memory is not like the other one
Turn to strike my face
Always second place
Tell me again, Why is it I
Never can do anything right?
Complicated theories of life, sarcastically

But we both know
The way it's gonna go
In the same way
Maybe I'm not all that you thought
And we don't move
Like we used to do
In the same way
Maybe you're not such a hot rod

[Verse 2]
Take back again all that I ever was
It was only just a phase
I never thought of it that way
But what do I know
I'm sorry for
Not wanting to be your décor
Truth is such a violent force, pushing you away

On “Hot Rod,” Dayglow delights in a bit of good-natured insolence, spiking the track with a tempestuous guitar solo and breezily delivered lyrical digs (e.g., “I’m sorry for not wanting to be your décor”).

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