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Datarock - Fear of Death

I’m afraid to die
I think about it all the time
It won’t go away
It haunts me
I can’t get it off my mind
What can I do?
It’s just there
That’s why I was so quick to notice
Mr. Grey add in the tabloid I was reading aloud
The headline hit home
Fear Of Death, it said

You’re disappointed, I can tell
At some level, everyone fears death
I fear it right up front
I don’t know how or why it happens
But I can’t be the only one…

No I don’t wanna leave you
And I don’t wanna deceive you
I am all yours
And I never I never intended
For it all to be ended
I appalled, stalled and offended
Now I’m all yours
And forever and ever and ever
And forever and evermore

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