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Dark Tranquillity - Final Resistance

Disaffected, left to internal struggle
Let ring with the cries of disaccord
They told of outposts firm as trees
Whispers laid no basis for
The plunge to the chasm depths
Seen none, nor felt the safety
Perimeter alarm
I see the bearings of disaster
What can you tell me of the inside
Is it as bright as all can see?
To make a chemical stand
A final front to the days ahead
In attempt to tame their mineral estrangement
Smothered by the numeral that
Haunts each waking day
Request for countertmeasures
To state claim of this my cavern
None to take and none be given
As the window breaks to black
A process left to solitude
Is the action left undone
Answers left to echo
In the silent halls of none
Cast down the hopes and aspirations
Shut the windows tight
Everybody said No
Reset your fears and good intentions
Barred up for life
Everybody said No
This is the final resistance

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