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Danny Brown - Let's Go

[Verse 1: Danny Brown]
Another day, another dollar I make
Risk I take, for the chrome 28's
Momma said son, keep your head up
But it's hard in the D I gotta get my bread up
So I ride '94 with nowhere to go
Bag came in, cause I moved the bows
The son of a player no love for hoes
And the year ain't new, but it don't look old
Should hit Northland see what they got new
But I'd rather hit the store go fuck with the crew
Ride around the hood blow blunt after blunt
Seem like a good day I ain't seen a hook once
So I'm riding in the wood 'bout to pick my man up
Hit a couple corners probably roll some gan up
My man's got his heater 'cuz the streets is cold
But I told him put it up because my L's is bold

[Hook 2x]
Let's go... c'mon, roll with a nigga
Where we going? I don't know my nigga
Let's blow, hey yo you got another swisher?
Light the gan up, c'mon roll with a nigga...

[Verse 2]
Just another day in the streets of the D
Gas on high and my tank on E
These hoes wanna fuck but they charge you a fee
And the work might cost but to murder is free
Pray and holler at my man 'cuz he owe me a few
Gan in the air, with a Bud Ice brew
Narco's ride, so I took my sack
And before hop on the lines 'cuz I know its packed
Break bows, so I ride slow, slow
Hit the Coney's cause my gas low, low
Cop a bag, roll a blunt and say to extras
And I swoop a couple hoes then ride up Dexter
Blow my trees, no stress at all
Gan in mine but it's stress in y'all
Hit the crib get dressed as soon as the sun fall
Right now I'm just rhyming, timing my phone calls

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