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Danny Brown - Ain't It Funny

[Verse 1]
Verbal couture
With the metaphors
The flow house of horror
Dead bolted with metal doors
Grinch bitch
Six sense
With a nose drip
Mind skydive
Sniffing bumps
In the cockpit
Locksmith of Hip Hop
Appraisal the wrist watch
The rocks bout the size
As the teeth in Chris Rock's mouth
Sock out the mic
Prototype for Adderall
Your work killing fiends
Cause you cut it with Fentanyl
So much coke
Just to sniff need a ski lift
Flip your table over
If you cut it with the bullshit
Nose bleeds red carpets
But it just blend in
Snapping pictures
Feeling my chest being sunk in
Live a fast life
Seen many die slowly
Unhappy when they left
So I try to seize the moment

In this song, Danny deals with how messed up his life is and how he feels like constantly facing the devil. He acknowledges his substance abuse as something wrong, but he says he knows no other way. So, he reflects on his situation and laughs at it and continues his self-destructing behaviour anyway, as he is in too deep to get out, without serious help. The song is the fourth single from "Atrocity Exhibition", and its video dropped on March 28, 2017. In celebration of Record Store Day, a 10" vinyl pressing was released on April 22, backed with the acapella, instrumental and previously-released Clams Casino collab, “Worth It”. In the Jonah Hill directed music video, following a format of a mock-sitcom, a dysfunctional family with Danny having the same drug abuse problem is shown doing crazy activities, while the family deals with him, to amuse the live audience for cheap laughter. In the end, Danny kills off the family members and gets killed by the drugs he abuses, while a child character questions the morality of the audience (including us, in a sense) as to how we can enjoy this atrocity exhibition. The acclaimed indie-punk artist Jeff Rosenstock, in a Facebook post in December 2016 as part of a series listing his favorite albums of the year, praised Atrocity Exhibition in general and had this to say about “Ain’t It Funny” specifically: “‘Ain’t It Funny’ is the most manic song I’ve heard all year. Danny Brown does a great job of matching the discomfort of his lyrics with tenseness in his beats, again, in a way no one else is doing right now. Or at least not this well.”

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