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Daniel Caesar - CYANIDE

Yeah, inside di ting dem call sweet melody
Wahpm gyal, u comin' like a family enuh, eee!
Inside fi dem call DC is a d gyal dem, please
A max out the diesel, oh yeah!
Ayy, my girl, put down di man dem weh a talk nuthin' 'bout fee
You done know my lovin' is free
Lead out, lead out, the the th- international Daniel Cae- Cae- Cae-

[Verse 1]
I love dominantly
You make me weak, make me thirsty for release
Wan', come compliment me
Then become my enemy
Cop a flight to Paris, low key
It's you, baby girl, I'm tryna to breed, please
Baby, try to understand me
I'm not a monster, I'm just a man with needs
I take flights when I learn it's time to go
Tryna take time back crossing timing zones
Come press your lips 'pon me
LSD got me feelin' empathy
Wan fi' alter the mind chemically
'Cause we suffer endlessly
Could be Kamikaze, only time will tell
Even though I'm godly, might end up in Hell

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