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Dabin - Another Day

[Verse 1: Nevve]
Oh, I've been drivin' every road (Ahh-ooh, ooh)
And what I'm after, I still don't know (Ahh-ooh, ooh)

[Pre-Chorus: Nevve]
Let's fade together
Stay for just a little longer
Young forever
Long as you're by my side
We'll make it out alive (Yeah, yeah)

[Chorus: Nevve]
You and me, we got tied
Might be low, but I'm high
I'm a mess, but it's fine
I'm findin' my way-ay
You and me, we alright (Right)
Still got love on our side (Side)
We get lost but it's fine
Always another day

[Drop: Nevve]
Come up like the sunrise
Flowers in a desolate world
Flowers in a desolate world

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