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DJ Khaled - POPSTAR (feat. Drake)

[Intro: DJ Khaled & Drake]
We The Best Music
Another one (Yeah)
DJ Khaled

[Chorus: Drake]
Bitches callin' my phone like I'm locked up, nonstop
From the plane to the fuckin' helicopter, yeah
Cops pullin' up like I'm givin' drugs out, nah, nah
I'm a popstar, not a doctor
Bitches callin' my phone like I'm locked up, nonstop
From the plane to the fuckin' helicopter, yeah
Cops pullin' up like I'm givin' drugs out, nah, nah
I'm a popstar, not a doctor

[Verse 1: Drake]
Ayy, shawty with the long text, I don't talk, ayy
Shawty with the long legs, she don't walk, ayy
Yeah, last year, I kept it on the tuck, ayy
2020, I came to fuck it up, yeah
I want a long life, a legendary one (Yeah)
I want a quick death (Yeah), and an easy one (Yeah)
I want a pretty girl (Yeah), and an honest one (Yeah)
I want this drink (Yeah), and another one, yeah
And I'm troublesome, yeah
I'm a popstar, but this shit ain't bubblegum, yeah
You would probably think my manager is Scooter Braun, yeah
But my manager with twenty hoes in Buddakan, yeah, ayy
Look, Ariana, Selena, my Visa
It can take as many charges as it needs to, my girl
That shit platinum just like all of my releases, my girl
Niggas come for me, I tear them all to pieces, my girl
I'ma show your sexy ass what relief is, my girl
Please don't take no shit that's 'bout to have you geekin'
And I'm not drivin' nothin' that I gotta stick the keys in
Wonder how I got this way? I swear I got the

“POPSTAR” is one of the first promotional singles—along with “GREECE”—from DJ Khaled’s twelfth studio album Khaled Khaled. Both tracks feature Drake. This is DJ Khaled’s first release since May 2019’s Father of Asahd. On the song, Drake likens himself to a pop star and the lifestyle that comes with being one—girls calling him nonstop, sporting credit cards with high spending limits, and buying large numbers of expensive watches. On July 15, 2020—two days before the song’s official release—Khaled posted the song’s release date and cover art on his Instagram account.

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