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DJ Khaled - Just Us (feat. SZA)

[Intro: DJ Khaled]
We The Best Music
Another one
DJ Khaled

[Verse 1: SZA & DJ Khaled]
Back against the wall, middle fingers in the air
Busting through the crowd, they gon' feel me now
Straight shooter from the hip, yeah, we heavy in here
Tell me get ’em, then I got 'em, yea (Get 'em)
99 problems, but you ain’t one
Been so high lately, I don't care who's goin' down
You could see it in my eyes, he been hitting it right
Got me wishing that he wasn't, oh no
And I need it all night
Will love show me what it feels like?
Fuck that, I let you pull up on me broad day light
Shots over here, fuck the other side
We don't gotta lay low, we grown
A field trip and I don't need no chaperone
I'm tryna get ghost
Oh, oh (Another one)

[Chorus: SZA]
It’s just us against the world
In this life of sin
Ain’t nobody gonna take us out
It's always us, never them
It’s just us against the world
When the smoke clears
All we got is all we got
It's always us, never them

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