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It's a typical day in Corporate City
Typical because as always, evil is being plotted by the captain of Evil Industry, The White Shadow
Tonight's episode: All I want to do is a Doom ba Doom Doom

[The White Shadow]
Minions, I have summoned you here today to announce a new member of our group, a new villain to add to the pantheon of evil that I have assembled. Please, welcome, DANGERDOOM

Suddenly, the door opens to reveal... nothing!
[Minion 1]
Where is this DANGERDOOM?

[The White Shadow]
You know what? We'll just, uh, call him here
Anybody know how to use speaker phone?
Hm, okay, that didn't work, uh, let me see here, hold on... Uh, press 9 to... Do you have to, do you have to press 9 to dial out?

[Minion 1]
Yes, I have only told him that a million times!

[The White Shadow]
Shh, everybody, be quiet, be quiet, come on, I want to make a good impression
DANGERDOOM, it is I, The White Sh...

[Beep Sound]

[The White Shadow]
What was that?

[Minion 1]
No ones there, dude

[The White Shadow]
What do you mean? I have more of the message to leave, call him back
DANGERDOOM, it is I, The White Shadow, inviting you to join our group of ext...
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[The White Shadow]
Listen, I can't quite... I'll make it shorter, ready?
DANGERDOOM. Me, White Shadow. Wondering if you can drop by...
I thought we said 3 o'clock, I know you might have gotten bad directions, but you didn't give me a call

Three hours later with no sign of DANGERDOOM in sight

[Minion 2]
Screw him. We have no need for new members

[The White Shadow]
No, no, we will not screw him!
We welcome him into the organisation
We need this guy, gentleman
He got this crazy voice, and a cool mask, and the best of all: he's evil
And as the kids say, he's old-school, hardcore, gangsta evil

[Minion 1]
He doesn't sound all that evil

[The White Shadow]
DANGERDOOM, it is I, The White Shadow
I invite you to be a part of our new little family of evil
I can only promise you good times, hot women, and evil
We really need you bad, buddy
I don't want to seem like... I, I don't want to admit it, but they are kicking our asses, and If you're on our side, well, you and I could bring a new form of evil to the world
Think of it: The White Shadow and DANGERDOOM together forever
Hand and hand. Locked for life. You and me. I'm a triangle, you are my circle that completes me...
This is all sounding very gay and I apologise for that
Uhm, give me a call back if you want
You know what, forget it, I'm not interested anymore
Will The White Shadow ever get a hold of DANGERDOOM?
Will DANGERDOOM ever return The White Shadow's calls?
Find out in the next thrilling episode of Minoriteam!

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