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Czarface and MF DOOM - Break in the Action

[Intro: MF DOOM]
Okay, okay
Okay (Hi), okay (Okay)

[Verse 1: MF DOOM]
Soul surviving, DOOM's so conniving
Never stop driving, they pussy like a hymen
Don't let 'em sit behind you when you driving
Might even think you talking about 'em when you rhyming
Oughta keep his toolie in the lining
Oughta thank the good Lord that you ain't the type zip to line 'em
Ain't nobody in business, why they always spyin'?
Type of shit is this? Find nothin', get to lyin'
Turn the world against you, even your mens buyin'
It's a dirty game, get hectic, real tiring
Top it off, now they playing victim and the violin
Dripping the color envy, more greener than Ireland
Surrounded by snakes more mеaner than a lion's den
You're talking too much, can't rеmember why or when
Got you feelin guilty, Jedi tricks on the mind again
Make you eat a dick with chips and a Heineken

Action— As I continue where we left off
Break— As I continue where we left off
Action— As I continue where we left off
The rebel, the villain, the rebel, the— CZAR
[Verse 2: Esoteric]
People saying CZAR like ASMR
The Cold Crush on repeat, now we rock the Casbah
E-S back at 'em, savage like Black Adam
Fast track in the back and forth to blast at 'em
You ain't worthy, so you don't get no reply
We keep an open eye, we kick it like Cobra Kai
And we the crew leading, I wouldn't
Remotely care about you even if we in a Zoom meeting
Let's be honest, yo, these rappers just a boring mess
Actors oughta thank the Hollywood foreign press
CZARFACE, yeah, we slap up obnoxious kids
Take 'em out on tape like unboxing vids
Lay 'em out like a floor plan
Sick of playing optimistic like I'm in Thom Yorke's band
You lost your mystique and leaked on 4chan for your four fans
Your aura gone, no Portland

Action— As I continue where we left off
Break— As I continue where we left off
Action— As I continue where we left off
I'll give you credit for givin' a try

[Verse 3: Inspectah Deck]
Last name Lannister, call me Kingslayer
None this ill since Kareem was a Laker
Feel that love? Yeah, that's the dream of a hater
I'm skatin' the equator, last seen in Jamaica
Frontin' like the girl dem sugar
Rude boi dem ah call Inspectah
Got 'em under pressure, no gas, word to Tesla
You'll find the painkillers top drawer in the dresser
Back with the force, y'all, BoJack Horseman
All that talkin, you know that cost him
High price to pay like you shopped at Nordstrom
Deck narcoleptic, I black out often
Salute me as a true king, what up with you, king?
I been doing this since Zhané had a groove thing
Another mood swing, touching up your boo thing
CZARFACE, Wu-Tang, MF DOOM, gang
I know, it's— it's— it's basically
It's all cuts— cuts— cuts and stuff

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