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Cypress Hill - Tequila Sunrise (feat. Barron Ricks)

[Intro: B-Real and Sen Dog]
— Mira joven… Si busco a alguien, que mueva producto. Pero que lo mueva con madre…
— ¿Pos sabes que compa? Yo aquí, en el norte yo soy el que controla yo te lo puedo mover todo...
— ¿80, 100 palos a la semana…?
Te traemos toda la feria y limpio ese…
— Pues bueno, aquí tenemos un negocio... vamos hacer hombres ricos… ¿Tomamos no? Del gusano…
— Pa' la salud!
— Pa' la salud! Primero yo…
— Primero usted…
— Grrrrrah!
*Mexican yells*
— Word up, Tequila style
— Cometelo!

[Verse 1: Barron Ricks]
Eat the worm motherfucker
Tequila spice, hot nice
Feeling right, sipping on Jose Cuervo
Down in Tiajuana, Mexico
Thinking of the big score the night before
Met the connect, who was impressively dressed
In high fabrics
With troops like Beirut, up on the mezzanine
Brandishing sub-machine guns, aye-yo
It's all about the money, son
Now that's the only reason
We came south of the border, to complete this work order
We gotta get it, no looking back, going all out for it
Ready to attack, die in a minute flat for it
As God is my witness, we got ditches
For all you motherfuckin fake bitches
It all boils down to the business
Nothing personal, when niggas acting like they helping you
I fuckin blast you like Frank Castle, motherfucker!

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