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Currents - Tremor

[Verse 1]
I cast aside faith
You see these hands are trembling, so why push me?
I can't be bothered being everything that you need
Always on about making the right choice
But how should I know when I just can't stop
What I've pushed away for way too long
The path I know is gone
I take this pain as if I could wake up
Say I'm done; brush it off and forget it
My mind is stuck
I bring the worst out within myself
There's too many nights I've been kept up that I've had enough
Don't tell me that I think too much
And I've never felt so out of touch

Pull me away from my pain
I can't stop this hate, I can't stop this hate
I can't stop the shaking and can't stand the sight of my face
I can't stop this hate, I can't stop this hate

[Verse 2]
I pray to be back to days where there was substance
I can't forgive these feelings that I hold inside, they destroy me
No matter what I say, I still feel this fucking hate
Nothing gets past you, or so you think
Always putting your faith where it shouldn't be
So you can pull the claws out from under my skin
I won't let you in, I don't want you in my head

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