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Cumbeast - Grandma Cremation

I hate your fucking grandma
She's a fat old cunt
I'd love to see her dead
And soon I'll pull a stunt
I always see her peeping
Through her window drapes
Telling you not to swear
And that jesus saves
Yeah, I know she's old
And fucking sick
But there's no point in peeping
And being such a dick
As I walk by her house
I see a glimpse of that flowery dress
She's peeping there again
That lard ass fucking mess
I sneak into her house
And beat her senseless
She's your loved grannie
I could not care less
I tie her to a chair and
Pull her gray hair
Choke her with my bare hands
Now this shit is fair
I take your grandma by surprise
Batter her with a carpet beater
Kick her into the mouth
She looks like a muthafucking beaver
I soak her with can of gas
It's time to scratch the match
I watch your grandma turn to ash
Jesus take a fucking catch

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