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Cuco - Lover Is a Day

Time changed, we're different
But my mind still says redundant things, can I not think?
Will you love this part of me?
My lover is a day I can't forget
Furthering my distance from you
Realistically, I can't leave now
But I'm okay as long as you keep me from going crazy
Keep me from going crazy

[Verse 1]
Straight up ahead, you'll find a sign
That says you can't get by with a lie
But if I stayed away by a thread from the glory path
And made my life harder lying 'bout the stupid shit I say
Then you wouldn't know a single thing
About how I feel about you and all those really dumb things people feel
I'll take the bumpy road, it'll probably break my legs
As long as I don't show you what's ruining my head
Funny thing about you is you read me pretty well
But you haven't found me yet at the bottom of the well
Annoying you with smoke signals, asking you for help
'Cause your immediate presence lifts me straight away from hell
Me and Mr. Heart, we say the cutest things about you
How you seem unreal and we'd probably die so quick without you
Suffocated from the radiated air around us
Full of happiness we don't have, brightness gone
So dark without you, girl

Depression can often be exceptionally difficult to reveal to those we care for the most. In this song, Cuco discusses his difficulties in dealing with his mental illness and how it relates to his significant other. His lover brings him happiness, and he cares so much for them that he doesn’t want to burden them with his problems. Yet, despite the support of his blissfully ignorant lover, his inability to be fully open and honest causes problems in the relationship and only serves to worsen his condition as he spirals into an increasingly negative self-image. Cuco expresses his feelings with over-the-top, sarcastically melodramatic organs and a repetitive, rambling vocal delivery, mirroring his own never-ending thoughts running through his mind.

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