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Cozz - Zendaya (feat. J. Cole)

[Intro: J. Cole]

[Chorus: J. Cole]
How else I make it this far?
How else I make it this far?
How else I make it this far?
How else I make it this far?

[Verse 1: J. Cole]
Listen, music my flesh and blood, it's been my only love since ye high
I used to play Jay high and Ye high
Thinkin' one day I would go from fan to fuckin' player
I guess I found a way huh, my nigga Cozz wants Zendaya
A side note, I'm rootin' for you, I use these bars and start recruitin' for you
But treat her right
And just remember, on your lonely nights this mic will be your friend
You tell it all your secrets that you keepin' deep within
Your fantasies, regrets, your happy moments and your sins
And if he doesn't comprehend, at least he can pretend
Let's begin to be the men we never seen
In the 80's they smoke crack but now today they sippin' lean
And poppin' Xannies
Fuck niggas runnin' from their families
The streets don't give a fuck about the Grammys
Wish I could talk to granny, wish I could smoke in peace
But when I hit the blunt lately my mind it tortures me
Everything ain't supposed to be, apparently
I take it as a sign and stick the shit that's steerin' me
In the direction of some clarity
This music is my therapy, I thank the Lord 'cause he care for me

Cozz and Dreamville label boss J. Cole link up on their latest collaboration, “Zendaya”. The two reminisce and cite their important influence over smooth, easygoing production from Cole himself. As J. Cole’s known for, he addresses many societal issues, including the Xanax epidemic and it’s toll on rap. This is the second J. Cole and Cozz collaboration, following 2014's remix of Knock Tha Hustle. The origins of the song were revealed on the Shade45 radio show.

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