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Counterparts - Stranger

Your ghost holds me close
As I’m ravaged by the solitary that surrounds my former home
Use me until you’ve spent the rest of my remains
And then try to validate your actions
Cursing every empty vein
That used to be inhabited by your impression

Paralyze me
To ensure I have no chance of knowing the feeling of affection
It’s no secret that I’ve shed the common decency
That appoints the world with the burden of devotion to our kin
I gave you everything I had and the world has left me exhausted

(So make me feel)
So make me feel something
Anything that might change my mind
As worthless as I am, I know that I still serve a purpose
To leech off the light and absolve my insignificance

Lay me to rest
Lay me to rest inside of a glass casket
So you can remember me with a smile on my face
Adorning me in my own failures
So you can count them as you stand above my bones

I wish I were a better man
I am a coward masked in courage
And just admitting this will not save me this time
So free me from my tired mind
And let me learn the difference
Between a single tear and the runoff of an ocean
Weak and weary from my predatory nature
So bless me with abandonment in my greatest time of need

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