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Counterparts - Outlier

I live with the awareness of my own seclusion
Existence fueled by separation
A war I will not win
Embracing only alienation
To suffer is to abandon the only home I've ever had

I don't belong here
The present state of existence acts as a refuge for the weak
To shield our eyes is to blind mankind
Refusal to secede
Inhabiting a world of filth which others have condemned
We won't live our lives for them

Human hatred is my second nature
This is the root of my isolation
I am what I am
And I am an outcast

Don't look for me in the clouds
When I am beneath you nowhere to be found
Submerged in apathy
It's just becoming hard to care
And I am nothing

I have grown sick of the sound of my heartbeat
And while the whole world breathes in unison
My lungs are my shield
To reject the world around me

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