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Counterparts - Drown

Immerse yourself in the water that flows freely from my hands
You’ll find no substance, just the rain that we use to simply bathe and disregard
I bless my arteries with blades, and I welcome the sight of the back of my eyelids
In our most peaceful and remote state, we’re allowed to choose what we want to feel
Mortality is the greatest gift given to the living, but a curse to those who feel that they’re truly alive

Sentenced to trespass, I should spin towards the north… but your gravity has left me alone and I’m left to roam as an apparition
Abandoned, I am a phantom limb in search of a frame to spread my plague
If the light leaves you blind, just shut your eyes and embrace the undertow
Let the waves puncture your lungs
In my dreams we drown together
Everything goes black but I can see you just fine

Condolences flourish and fall upon my feet and help pollinate the dirt that sits in the pit of your stomach
I need to shed the idea of a lasting impression

Make peace with my spirit breach

Everything goes black and I still see you in my dreams
Lower your head to sleep and let me do the same
I’m confident that we will meet again, every time you wade in a body of water
I am the light that leaves you blind, but I watched you retreat and cover your eyes
In your rivers I reside
In dreams we drown together
Everything goes black but you will see me just fine

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