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Counterparts - Choke

Congregate what little ounce of decency is left
And gather enough courage to invoke contractions in your vocal chords
Admission of guilt through confrontation
I’ve had to chisel every lie out of your mouth
And after all this time I’ve grown immune to your embrace
Spare me and my virgin ears from a stale conception
Admit that I’m the victim and cradle consequence
Line your insides with a sense of wrongly obtained righteousness
Spread your poison as thin as you possibly can
To ensure you violate every inch of common ground

Call me a cancer
Keep convinced that you’re not sick yourself
You will be exposed as soon as the world's eyes can fully adjust to the dark
I was the cure to your corrosion
But now I want to watch your skin rust and slowly grow discoloured
And when your throat buckles under the weight of the accumulation of perjury
I want to watch the life seep out of your tear duct
As your death rattle hits my eardrum and thaws what’s left of my cold heart

I hope you choke to death
The compass has been cracked
I hope you fucking choke to death

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