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Counterparts - Burn

I've grown accustomed to losing sleep
Sweep me off my feet
Dig your nails into my wounds and pull
A lucid dream
Where my chest will collapse from the weight of a fictitious ghost
Tear through me, sacrifice me to your sea
With broken arms I'm left to carry my shell
With no help from the current

Lifeless, I am dragging me down
Hollow, I'm left to fend for myself
Forget everything that you've come to know
We are not meant for much but to carry our own misery
Is there a God cursing every step that I take?
Or have I been forced to commit myself to the dirt?
We're chasing the light in the darkest of graves
But the fortunate ones know to wait until mourning

Be still
Serenity blesses us in waves
And with eyes like mountains, we're drawn to the brow
Leave this life behind and take the next step in the right direction Stare at the sky, and offer yourself to circumstance
Be the burn
Burn me alive
Be the burn
Burn me aliveYou might also like

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