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Count Bass D - Quite Buttery (feat. MF DOOM)

[Verse 1: MF DOOM]
It's been a long time, true indeed
Congratulations to the Count and the Countess on the new seed
It's a blessin', you're messin' with a real pro
The flow is a heel, the beat is a steel toe
Give 'em what they feel to put they hands up real slow
Out in the streets this be the roll ass Cee-Lo
Knew he ‘bout to blow ever since hearing Beno
Villain known to flip scripts like Tarantino
MCs need Aveeno, OK the fun's over
One time, while I give the track a once over..
Word, quite buttery
Number one answer, did I st-st-stutter, G?
It's all ugly, they found a new discovery
Brand new spankin' way to G off lovely
Not unlike off a high noon druggy
Who on the moon in the fly new dune buggy?
Bass D, is this thing on?
Any thing we do, never on no sing song
Always from the heart no matter who got no bling on
DOOM keep it movin' back and forth like ping-pong
It's so strong and linger on
Leave 'em itchy like the index finger the trigger on
Go on, get your swigga on
Before he bring the liquor out, just make sure the nigga gone

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