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Conan Gray - Fight or Flight

[Verse 1]
Something's gotten into you
You don't really look at me the way you used to
And I'm hoping it ain't true
Every single rumor that I've heard of you
Say you were off with someone that I don't know
Callin' other people on your telephone
Kinda wish I didn't know

Well, fight or flight, I'd rather die
Than have to cry in front of you
Fight or flight, I'd rather lie
Than tell you I'm in love with you
My eyes are welling up
As you admit there's someone new
It's my move, fight or flight?

[Verse 2]
You tell me it ain't what it seems
But, baby, this is lookin' like a crime scene
There's clothes thrown on the balcony
And you smell like perfume out a magazine
I'm throwing all your shit outta my window
Telling you I wish that we had never spoke
Baby, I already know

"Fight or Flight" is the seventh track off of Conan Gray’s debut album, "Kid Krow", and is described as a “super chaotic, melodramatic song about finding out that someone has cheated on you, or finding out someone has multiple people in their lives that you just didn’t know about”. It’s meant to parallel his response to a similar situation that he had been in before.

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