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Conan Gray - Checkmate

[Verse 1]
You think you're funny, right?
Callin' me drunk when it's too late at night
Telling me truths that you know all are lies
Yeah, you think you're funny, right? (What?)
You think you're super sly
Flirtin' with them but telling me you're mine
Buildin' me up, but buttercup, you lied
Now I'm gonna ruin your life

'Cause I've gotten tired of the games that you play
When you tell me you love me then you throw me away
So cry me a river 'til you drown in the lake
'Cause you may think you're winning but checkmate
Yeah, you may think you're winning but checkmate

[Verse 2]
Now this is getting fun
I saw you kissing someone else's tongue
You said that I'm the only one you love
Baby, this is getting fun
I'll let you think you won
Date in the park, I'll play it super dumb
Holding your hand, but in the other one
I'm holding a loaded gun
Yeah, baby, you should really run

Conan released a teaser of “Checkmate” on his YouTube channel on June 23, 2019. The song was released on Wednesday, June 26, 2019 on various streaming platforms and with a lyric video on his Youtube Channel. A Chess metaphor is put to use to describe the relationship between Conan and the one he was seeing. The “significant other” treated Conan as one of his pawns, but what they didn’t know is that he’s actually the King.

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