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Yeah, bitch
Bricks, bows
Bitch, yeah
Where the bricks, where the bows? (Where the bricks, where the bows?)
(Ayy, man, Comethazine in this bitch, niggas know I'm piped the fuck up)
Where the bricks, where the bows? (Where the bricks, where the bows?)
Bitch, bitch, yeah, bitch

Where the bricks, where the bows?
1-7-double-O, slither gang, bloody nose
RIP Phillip, that's my right hand nigga but he gone, yeah
Now I gotta smoke these pussy niggas on my own (Now I gotta smoke 'em on my own)
These niggas actin' tough but turn pussy over a ho (Bitch)
Boy, I would never go, I dick that ho, then make her go (Come here)
Bitch, while I call your Uber, go wait over by the door (Bye)
And bitch, check on your phone, wait 'til you leave to turn it on (Oh yeah)

That nigga talkin' tough, yes, I can hear it in his tone (Bitch)
I slapped him with the chrome, then put a bullet in his dome (Come here)
My all white Air Force 1's gotta be fresh or I can't rock 'em (I can't rock 'em)
If he step on these, I might just fuck around and sock him (Bitch)
Dangle that boy over a ledge and then I drop him (Bye)
Shoot a bullet straight through his head, I solved the problem (Boom, boom)
Not going back and forth on the 'Gram, I had to block him (No)
Rather catch him lackin' in public and then pop him (Come here)
Caught him on the elevator, had to 2Pac him (Bitch)
I'ma pull a Biggie Smalls, nigga don't know who shot him
If I shoot and I miss, I bet one of my guys got him
And I'ma let him keep his shit 'cause I'm rich, I ain't gotta rob him

On “SOLVED THE PROBLEM”, East St. Louis, Illinois rapper Comethazine raps about his gang lifestyle and selling drugs. The track is widely seen as the most anticipated release from Comethazine’s upcoming album, BAWSKEE 3.5. This tracks was originally previewed on Comethazine’s Instagram on February 17th, 2019 via a Triller video.

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