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Coin - Malibu 1992

[Verse 1]
I watched you board an airplane
A high dive from a summer's heat wave, down
A bit tongue and a taste of iron
Sweethearts that high school soured, now

[Verse 2]
Our time had grown to a closing
You moved when you ran out of money to stay
Your parents' house in Ohio
Your old bed replaced with a treadmill, now

Well I come here more than you know
And I'm sure you think I've outgrown you
But I couldn't

Oh, I did it again, I did it again
Oh, I did it again, oh, I must still want you

[Verse 3]
Our names carved in the pavement
Sealed by what's left of our handprints, now
I told my mom she'd love to meet you
But it's too bad she won't get the chance to

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