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Coin - Crash My Car

[Verse 1]
Walk in like a wrecking ball
The way she move makes you miserable
All eyes on the golden girl
She's gonna tell ya, gonna tell ya
Gonna tell ya that you're too sweet
Swan dive to the concrete floor
The pavement never felt so warm
One look and you already know
She's gonna cut ya, gonna cut ya
Gonna cut ya, cut ya real deep

Baby, I'm freaking out
Lay it on me
Anything you want

You can crash my car tonight
Go out, wasting all my time and money (Money)
I love the way you're breaking my heart
And I can't stand to see you leaving lonely

I'll drive you home at the end of the night
I'll drive you home at the end of the night

“Crash My Car” is the fourth single from COIN’s third album "Dreamland". According to a tweet on the band’s Twitter account, songwriting began in 2017 after playing Music Midtown Atlanta, with further inspiration coming from a fan who had been in a car accident right before one of their shows. It was first played in Philadelphia, PA on the North American Tour in early 2018. COIN vocalist/keyboardist Chase Lawrence said in an interview with another publication: “Hearing so many scream ‘Talk Too Much,’ we knew we had to write an even louder chorus. The chorus melody came in a literal dream. The story came from a fan who was in a car accident on the way to our show, but she still showed up in her near totaled, headlight hanging sedan. Thank god she was ok! In that moment, the idea hit me: we don’t need anything as long as we’re together. No car, no money, the world is burning… but if we have each other, everything is perfect.” When asked about the evolution of the bands sound in an interview with Ink Magazine, lead singer Chase Lawrence said: "I think we’ve already shifted quite a bit without even realizing it, but there are still things that are still innately us, for lack of a better term, that come from the origin of the band. I mean ‘Crash My Car’ could have been on the first EP."

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