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Cody ChesnuTT - That's Still Mama

Alright now, alright now eh
Ooh ooh eh
Huh aha

Church boy, school boy, dope boy
Loaded down with attitude with like 20 pairs of shoes
Who ya gonna call now when the lawyer call your name? (mama)
And when your standin' in front of the state, look all ashamed (your mama)

Church boy, school boy, dope boy
Got a backpack full of time and you don’t know why
Why you don’t even respect the uncles
And the lady that sacrificed to birth ya

(No matter how you feel)
Your blood's on the seal
You can't just treat her anyway
And that's still your mama
That's still mama
And let your recognition show
That's still mama

Church boy, school boy, dope boy
Saggin' around with an assault charge on your name
Only reason I make this song, because I love ya
Only reason I take the time, cause I don’t wanna bury ya

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